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Our Mission:  "To protect the water resources of New York State by assisting local organizations and individuals through public dialogue, education, information exchange and collaborative efforts."

Hiring a Lake Management Professional:  Tips for NYSFOLA Members  

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The New York State Federation of Lake Associations, Inc. was founded in 1983 by a coalition of lake associations concerned about water quality, invasive species, and other issues facing New York's lakes.  Today, more than 200 lake associations across the state are members of the only statwide voice for lakes and lake associations.  NYSFOLA also has corporate members and individual members who support our efforts.




With the assistance of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), NYSFOLA spearheaded the development of the Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program.

More than 200 lakes have participated in the program since its inception.  Over the years, the program has adapted to include voluntary monitoring for aquatic invasive species and harmful algal blooms.

This nationally recognized volunteer lake monitoring program remains an important part of NYSFOLA's mission, and we thank the thousands of volunteers who have helped to make it possible.


Consistent with our educational mission, NYSFOLA has collaborated with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to publish two editions of "Diet for a Small Lake" the most complete reference book on New York Lake ecology and management issues.

The authors convicingly show that the best "treatment" for a lake will resemble a health plan rather than a bandage.  This plan, called a lake or watershed management plan,strives to balance the demands of various users of the lake and water.  It considers the needs of plants, fish and wildlife as well as people. To order your copy, look for "book sales" under the Lake and Watershed Management tab at the top of this page.  There are other great titles, too!


For over 30 years, lake associations from every corner of the state have come together for the annual NYSFOLA conference and membership meeting.  We also hold regional conferences in the Western, Lower & Upper Hudson regions.  This is a time for members to voice their concerns and to share success stories.  It is also a time for learning about lake ecology, water quality, new lake management techniques, state regulations and current issues pertinent to New York Lakes. 


With members in every region of the state, NYSFOLA continues to be a strong, statewide voice for action on invasive species.

NYSFOLA has long been a leader in invasive species education.  In recent years, NYSFOLA has worked with other organizations to coordinate the statewide "Hydrilla Hunt" in an effort to stop the spread of this most invasive of all aquatic plants. 

We have experts available to identify potential invasive species in your lake.  Recent discoveries have included water chestnut, Chinese Mystery Snails, and Asian Clams.

Members of the NYSFOLA Board of Directors serve on other lake-related advisory groups including the Northeast Aquatic Nuisance Species Panel, the New York State Invasive  Species Task Force giving a voice to all New York Lakes.


NYSFOLA has been instrumental in helping lake associatons become informed about the new regulatory requirements for dam owners and to implement measures to remain in compliance.  With NYSFOLA's assistance, lake associations have delveoped working relationships with the NYS DEC Dam Safety Unit, other government agencies, and consulting engineers.


Since 1993, NYSFOLA has been affiliated with the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS).  This organization provides additional networking opportunities for NYSFOLA members and serves as a voice for lakes at the national and international levels.  NALMS is also the coordinator for the annual Secchi Dip-In which collects water clarity data from lakes worldwide.


Lake problems require lake management solutions, and NYSFOLA has long been a leader in this area.  Through affiliations with government agencies and academic institutions, NYSFOLA has assisted many member lake associations develop lake and watershed management plans and implement actions to improve water quality, control nuisance aquatic species, and reduce nutrient and sediment loads.


Our newsletter "Waterworks" keeps lake associations advised of statewide lake issues, conferences, funding opportunities, and other important lake related news.  If you're not receiving your copy, you may be missing out!


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